Gift of Love organised by The Breastfeeding Advocates Network

Over the weekend, we were invited to take part in Gift of Love event, which was held at Atria Shopping Mall, Petaling Jaya. Gift of Love is organised by TBAN (The Breastfeeding Advocates Network) Facebook group. It is a group which aims to normalise breastfeeding.

This year is the 10th Anniversary of TBAN, a group of Mothers who volunteer to help other Mothers to breastfeed, and currently, TBAN has more than 138,000 members worldwide.


Our booth

The Mothers, getting ready for the big latch event

With the founder of TBAN, Gina Yong

Rhymba Hills AntyOxy and Reefresh are excellent to help to promote breastmilk supply, and Rhymba Hills Reefresh is to help to remove wind from stomach

All in all, we had a great time, reaching out to more Mothers, and also customers who have been following us on social media. Thank you, Mothers!

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